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Estimated 1989, The Davis Resource Center began on the campus of the University of California, Davis to serve students vital news and data. We have since evolved into the international choice for resources.

Mission Statement:

There is no accident, coincidence, or chance in a world ruled by perfect law and divine order. We align unlimited resources for your benefit.

Vision Statement:

We seek ventures, projects, and opportunities where excellence, good stewardship, and people are the highest priority. We provide customized solutions for our client’s specific wants, needs and desires.

Flagship Services:

   Data Recovery from ANY device

Apple, PC, Linux, Unix, Android, & Blackberry

Hard drives, micro chips, thumb drives, mp3 players, cameras, mobile phones, and more

  Commercial Investment, Residential Finance, and Merchant Services

We provide funding for domestically

collateralized projects and ventures  

   Alkaline & Purified Combo Water Systems

Just $54.99 a month

$100 Down! Free Installation! No Credit Check!  

Includes Free Filter & Maintenance Services